How To Create A Pitch Deck That Stands Out

How To Create A Pitch Deck That Stands Out

The pitch deck, also called a pitch slide deck or a slide deck, is often the very first thing you will use when you interact with an investor. It is one of your most important tools in many ways. Your presentation of the pitch deck, along with the content, can assist the investor to decide whether or not to go evaluating your business opportunity.

The following example summarizes the main information that should be comprised in the original pitch deck. Don’t forget the “10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint”, which is 10 slides, 20 minutes, and font no smaller than 30 point.

Title – Include your organization’s name, your name as well, and information to

contact you. The audience can read the slide. Then they can sum up what you do. For example, you can sell software that can say something like, protecting the environment. You can open with what your company does. Basically, you want investors to think about the possibility of your company and also the size of the market.

Problem – Describe the pain you are relieving. The object is to get everyone to buy in. Evade looking for a resolution that is searching for an issue. Lessen or remove quotations of advising studies about the future size of the market.

Solution – When you are creating a pitch deck, it is important that you clarify how you relieve this pain and the meaning you make of it. Ensure that the audience clearly comprehends your value of proposition and what you are selling. Do not go into an in depth technical explanation. Supply just the core of how you relieve the pain.

Business Model – Discuss how you make money and who pays you. Also, explain your gross margins and your channel distribution. A unique, untested business model is a scary proposition. If you have a revolutionary business model, discuss it in terms of well known ones. This is your chance to mention the name of organizations that are already using your service or your product.

Underlying Magic – This is the part of your pitch deck design where you get the chance to depict the secret sauce, magic, or technology that is behind your service or product. Aim for more schematics, diagrams, flow charts and less text on the slide. Objective proofs and white papers of concepts are very useful right here.

Marketing And Sales – Explain how you will reach your marketing leverage points and how you will reach your consumer. Try to convince the audience that you have an efficient go to market strategy. Convince them that it will not break the bank.

Competition – Supply an entire view of the realistic competitive landscape. It is better to have too much than too little.

Management Team – Depict the main players on your management team such as, the board of advisors and the board of directors. Include your major investors as well.

Financial Projections And Key Metrics – Supply a three to five year forecast. This contains dollars and also key metrics, such as, the conversion rate and the number of customers.

Current Status, Timeline, Accomplishments To Date, And The Use Of Funds – Explain the present situation of your service or product, what the future looks like, and the money you are trying to raise and how you will use it.

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