Burkley Crestway Financial has confirmed that it will launch BCF Blockchain Investors

Press Release Friday December 29th:
The banking and finance industries aren’t the only ones adopting blockchain technology. For example, it has been used in securing elections, and big companies are also making the leap into blockchain; Capital One has confirmed a blockchain project, partnering with Gem on healthcare claims.

Global Blockchain Technology Market’s research report is a little more conservative, projecting that blockchain technology will grow at a CAGR of 55.59 percent between 2017 and 2021.

Putting it simply, there’s a wealth of opportunity to be had in the blockchain industry, and it’s only getting started. As such, Burkley Crestway Financial A division of AGC & Co. has confirmed that it will launch BCF Blockchain Investors, an investment club with the focus on investing in publicly-listed blockchain technology stocks. The club will give individuals with small amounts of investment capital to become members and have the opportunity to pool their money for investing in blockchain technologies in the US. For those who have an interest in joining the BCF Blockchain Investors contact AGC&Co. At (210) 716-7957.