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Going Public Strategy


There are a variety of ways of going public. One way for a company to go public is an IPO. In an initial public offering a company is doing two things simultaneously. One it is raising capital; the other it is going through the procedure of going public. We assist companies with the second part which is becoming a public company and having its own stock symbol and public stock which people can buy from their broker or online like any other public company.

Public companies are typically valued higher than their private counterparts. So, what many sophisticated CEO's and CFO's do is go public without simultaneously raising capital and thus receive a higher valuation and benchmark stock trading price. Then, as a public company, they do a private placement at a deep discount to the market with the provision that the investors hold the stock for 1 year.

We assist businesses in “Going Public” fast. Any company can “Go Public” and have its own stock symbol. There are more than 15,000 public companies in the U.S. We can help your company go public on the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTC Bulletin Board or Pink Sheets.

We can help you go public directly without the use of shell companies.

The NASD OTCBB (over the counter bulletin board) as well as the Pink Sheets have NO asset and NO revenue requirements. Most of the smaller companies go public first on either the NASD OTCBB or the Pink Sheets. They can quite easily move up later to NASDAQ.

In fact, if a company is interested in Going Public they may want to begin trading on the Pink Sheets. There are NO audits, NO periodic SEC reporting and they do not have to deal with Sarbanes Oxley. It also is very fast and relatively inexpensive. A company can initially begin trading on the Pink Sheets if they want to go public quickly and, if they choose, can trade on the OTCBB later very easily.

Going public in this manner is ideal for companies that may not be large enough to attract an underwriter for an IPO and those that don't need to raise capital immediately. They want to go public because of the many benefits that being a public company offers such as increased valuation, using public stock as currency to acquire other companies and assets, liquidity, prestige and to reduce the need for expensive venture capital and other financing sources. It also makes it easier to raise capital since once you become public it gives you credibility and a benchmark trading price to raise capital against.

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